Social Studies 8-Blue Assignments

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Past Assignments


LawCraft in Google Classroom



PD: Court Quest in Google Classroom

PD: Court Quest


Assign Do I Have a Right? in Google Classroom

Assign Do I Have a Right?


Lowering the Voting Age Debate in Google Classroom

Lowering the Voting Age Debate

Individual: Step 1: Read and Annotate the Junior Scholastic Article 
Step 2: Complete the Background Questions
Step 3: Do more research
Group: Step 4: Discuss the questions with no more than 4 people in a group (you can work alone, which equals skipping step 4) 
Step 5:Complete one slide in the Google Slide deck with 3 For and 3 Against Arguments. AND your stance. (make it fun but valid)
Whole Class: 
Step 6: If time before Break, Live in class debate on the topic.


Unit 8 Escape Room in Google Classroom

Unit 8 Escape Room


Unit 7 Extension Activities in Google Classroom

Unit 7 Extension Activities

Complete Pixel Arts using materials from Units 6 and 7. 
Each completed pixel art = a homework pass. 
Complete all 3, you will get 3 passes.


Snow Day #3 (2/14) in Google Classroom

Snow Day #3 (2/14)

Use Links to complete the matching games.
Bill of right matching game. (screen shot end results)


Protection in the Bill of Rights (Snow Day #2 this week)  in Google Classroom

Protection in the Bill of Rights (Snow Day #2 this week)

Read pages 163-170 and complete the handout. 


Adding the Bill of Rights Outline.  in Google Classroom

Adding the Bill of Rights Outline.

Use the book pages pdf to complete the outline. Everything goes in order. 


Tyranny Essay in Google Classroom

Tyranny Essay


Pixel Art in Google Classroom

Pixel Art

Complete both by Monday for +5 on your lowest quiz grade.


Declaration Essay Skills in Google Classroom

Declaration Essay Skills

MLA Format HeadingHook (use all we talked about in class to improve the ones you wrote) Thesis/ Claim (we did a basic one together but feel free to improve it) Paragraph (With all 3 parts)


Quarter One Assessment in Google Classroom

Quarter One Assessment

This will count as the last quiz grade of the 1st Quarter.


Pre-Quarter Two Assessment in Google Classroom

Pre-Quarter Two Assessment

You are not supposed to know this information. Please give it you best try. You will still get a 100 even if they are all wrong. (As long as you answer all 15) This will count as an LA grade for Quarter 2. 


Colonies Project in Google Classroom

Colonies Project

This is not homework. We will have in class time to complete this.

Use Wakelet to research your project.


Constitution Day Puzzle  in Google Classroom

Constitution Day Puzzle

Sorry for all the changes to this assignment. There were issues with the other puzzle. I have found another, fingers crossed this one works. You can use google to answer the questions. 


Baseline Writing  in Google Classroom

Baseline Writing

This will be done in one class period. It will count as an LA assignment.