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PD Day March 14th (there are NO meets but you have to complete the assignment below)  in Google Classroom

PD Day March 14th (there are NO meets but you have to complete the assignment below)

* Listed below you will find several OPTIONS for a sketchbook prompt drawing. You do not need to add color but you may if you have the materials. If you are only drawing in pencil then the effort still needs to be there.
* I STRONGLY recommend that you use PHOTO REFERENCES to help you as well as possibly YouTube tutorials.
* Choose ONE of the prompts listed to draw, You are NOT drawing all three. This assignment will be collected in class! Don't forget to I.D. the back of the paper with your first and last name, section and class color.
1. Draw the imagery from a favorite song lyric. Include the lyric in your drawing in a creative way. The song must be SCHOOL APPROPRIATE!
2. Draw a scene from a favorite book. On the "back" of the paper write down the book title. Do NOT copy the book jacket!!! That is not what you are asked to do. 
3. CREATE your OWN Superhero! In the resources you will find a couple of worksheets to help you with this. Do NOT draw an EXISTING superhero or I will have to give you a ZERO. Complete the worksheet first as it will set up what your Superhero will look like. You do NOT need to draw on the sheet with the figure. It is just a guide for the body. You may draw an action pose and feel free to add other details such as the universe they live in. You do not need a printer in order to do this assignment. You can just write the info down on a separate piece of paper. TURN IN BOTH THE WORKSHEET AND DRAWING.
* NOTE: This assignment will be collected in class on Wednesday, March 16th.